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2012-03-02 01:22 am

You need coolin', baby, I ain't foolin'


Fandom: Iron Man +  Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Words: 7044

Strong Independent White Boys (who don't need no sophistication)

Part 2

and I have faith in our future baby )


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2012-02-10 04:54 pm

We're off like a crotchrocket

Fandom: Iron Man +  Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Words: 6461

Strong Independent White Boys (who don't need no sophistication)
Part 1

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2012-01-04 09:58 pm

Why does this keep happening?

Fandom: Iron Man +  Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Words: 10,086

IT HAPPENED AGAIN AND I AM OUT OF EXCUSES. This was written pretty much entirely for the horde of TBBC reviewers and Kitty N, who rages against my unwillingness to write smut but promises to beta this for the good of mankind as soon as she stops making really weird noises and we both figure out the genius that is google docs. Tony Stark we are not, but I can operate a mean word processor and she can keep her mirth at my spelling at a minimum. 

Right! So this is a continuation of TBBC, sort of, where Bruce Wayne wonders how this has become his life and when can he get off, please? 

You guys. You guys, it's becoming a 'verse. I am in so. Much. Trouble.

Baby, I think I left my better judgement in your other pants )

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2011-11-27 12:29 pm
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2011-11-27 12:23 pm

Oh god fanfic

Fandom: Iron Man +  Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Words: 19,044

Long Ass Note

I like Iron Man. I also like Batman. I really, really like slash. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, Y/Y?

Y, but.

I honestly don't have any idea how this happened. I wanted to write a little something (preferably pornographic) about these two, to, you know, get them out of my system. I ended up with a bunch of ridiculous and absolutely no porn. I am disappoint. Anyhoo, some Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, because there should be more of it I think and I totally owed my BFFFE a birthday gift which properly conveys my everlasting (and somewhat homoerotic in its intensity) love for her. Sad fact? I will never be as important as OMG TONY or OMG BRUCE to her, which I have learned to make peace with on most days (and on others, there's still the voodoo doll I keep in a shoebox so I can pretend to needle her literally).

Note the first: This is pretty much film canon for the most part, other than all the lovely superhero mentions/add-ons and Tony's height because I love you to pieces Robert Downey junior, but my Tony Stark is pretty tall. Also, I don't have encyclopaedic knowledge of both Batman and Iron Man comics—more like an eleventh grade cheat-sheet. My wealth isn't in proportion to my love, thus this sad lack of nerd-facts.

Speaking of love and wealth: This is a disclaimer. It disclaims. Carry on.

Note the second: Andrej Pejic doesn't belong in Marvel or DC, but he was perfect for what I wanted so I borrowed him. Obviously in this fic he's as divorced from reality as flying in a metal suit, but poetic licence. Let's pretend it's not him, just some made up person with the exact same name and looks and profession. Because that is how I roll.

Now, without further ado, I give you:

The Billionaire Boys Club )