Nov. 27th, 2011

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Fandom: Iron Man +  Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Words: 19,044

Long Ass Note

I like Iron Man. I also like Batman. I really, really like slash. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, Y/Y?

Y, but.

I honestly don't have any idea how this happened. I wanted to write a little something (preferably pornographic) about these two, to, you know, get them out of my system. I ended up with a bunch of ridiculous and absolutely no porn. I am disappoint. Anyhoo, some Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, because there should be more of it I think and I totally owed my BFFFE a birthday gift which properly conveys my everlasting (and somewhat homoerotic in its intensity) love for her. Sad fact? I will never be as important as OMG TONY or OMG BRUCE to her, which I have learned to make peace with on most days (and on others, there's still the voodoo doll I keep in a shoebox so I can pretend to needle her literally).

Note the first: This is pretty much film canon for the most part, other than all the lovely superhero mentions/add-ons and Tony's height because I love you to pieces Robert Downey junior, but my Tony Stark is pretty tall. Also, I don't have encyclopaedic knowledge of both Batman and Iron Man comics—more like an eleventh grade cheat-sheet. My wealth isn't in proportion to my love, thus this sad lack of nerd-facts.

Speaking of love and wealth: This is a disclaimer. It disclaims. Carry on.

Note the second: Andrej Pejic doesn't belong in Marvel or DC, but he was perfect for what I wanted so I borrowed him. Obviously in this fic he's as divorced from reality as flying in a metal suit, but poetic licence. Let's pretend it's not him, just some made up person with the exact same name and looks and profession. Because that is how I roll.

Now, without further ado, I give you:

The Billionaire Boys Club )


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